OIJC : Action Plan 2020 and Mid-term Vision

I have just realized that the business year of an independent business person like myself is a calendar year, unlike most Japanese companies which start their fiscal year from April and end in March the following year.

So, I thought it was time to make an action plan for 2020, to prepare for the start of the new business year from the first of January through to the end of December, while most other companies do something similar from December to start their new fiscal year from April.

Today is a special holiday to celebrate the new emperor, to declare his throne and his vision. So, I thought it was also a good idea to share my mid-term vision.

My Mission : To contribute to activate Japanese industrial inkjet industry

1. To be a bridge between Japan and overseas markets, where the inkjet industry is flowering
2. To accelerate the networking among parties involved more or less in industrial inkjet

Mid-term Goal

I wish to establish “inkjet community” here in Japan !As I have written earlier, There are several conferences in Europe, such as IMI, the IJC and InPrint, and there is a community for the inkjet industry formed around these events. I would like to see such a community here in Japan as well.

Action Plan 2020

1. Inkjet Business Conference Japan 2020, Date : 30 + 31 January, Venue IVY HALL, Aoyama Tokyo

This will have a similar approach to that of The IJC or IMI, as I announced here.There will be a large conference room ( ca. 150 seats ) with 13 to 15 speakers from all over world including Europe, the US, Asia and Japan ,talking about the industrial inkjet of today and tomorrow. In addition, there will be 13 to 15 tables offered for table top presentations for the technology providers.The simultaneous translation is also under consideration.

■ As for speaking and table top presentation opportunities, sponsorship or any questions,please ask from here. Please note that I may not be in a position to guarantee the acceptance of all requests that I may receive, as the time and space is limited.

2. Pre-DRUPA Interview Visit ( from 3 to 7, February )

I have invite the journalist Nessan Cleary, whose articles are translated and displayed on my website. After the above mentioned conferece, I am planning to organize a tour to visit several Japanese companies that have plan to present something new at DRUPA2020 to make in-depth intensive interviews.As it will be the Pre-DRUPA season, he will be able to write articles to distribute through his website either straightaway or at a time nearer to the show, depending on when those companies are ready to announce their intentions.

■ If your company is ready / happy to be visited, please contact me from here. Please note that I may not be in a position to guarantee the acceptance all requests that I might receive, as the time is limited.

3. Inkjet Suppliers Exhibition ( Time : in summer, not determined. Venue : not determined )

In contrast to the above mentioned Conference, I am going to set up 40 to 60 tables in a large room to offer an opportunity to those companies that wish to present their products and / or technology. In addition, I will set up a room nearby for PowerPont presentation.

■ As for speaking and table top presentation opportunities, sponsorship or any questions,please ask from here. Please note that I may not be in able to guarantee the acceptance all requests I might receive, as the time and space is limited.

4. China Market Research Tour

China is becoming more and more important, not just as a market, but also as the source of material and even as a technology partner. However, as the country is too large and there are too many companies, it is not so easy to find the best ones. I am going to organize a customized tour to help those, who wish to know more about potential partners in China.

■ If you are interested in this customized tour, please contact me from here.

5. Visiting Overseas Ehibitions and Confrrences. Orginizing WTIN japan Digital Textile Conference 2020

I am planing to visit HEIMTEXTIL (Frankfurt, Jannuary), APPPEXPO (Shanghai, March), FESPA (Madrid, March), INTERPACK (Dusseldorf, May), DRUPA (Dusseldorf, June), The IJC (Dusseldorf, October), ITMA ASIA (Shanghai, November), InPrint (Milan, November).

Further, I am going to organize the 5th WTiN Japan Digital Textile Conference 2020, the time of which is still to be determined.

■ If you had any idea of exhibition and / or conference for me to visit, please suggest me from here. I have no plan to visit US currently.

Mid-term Vision

To my surprise, maybe to you as well :-), I am now 66 years old and will be 67 next year in 2020. I assume that I will be as active as today for another 5 years, but nobody knows thereafter. So, I wish to do something to enable the inkjet community that I am setting up to stand on its own and to grow steadily, even without me once I have retired completely.

For example, I am encouraging business persons and / or engineers that are close to 60 years to join me after leaving their companies. These people have been actively involved in developing business or technology for many years, and 60 years old is far too early for them to forget all of their expertise and to just spend the rest of their life gardening! It is such a pity, isn’t it?

So, I am encouraging these people to form a loose team, able to share their experience, network, technical skill and so on to benefit other interested people. This kind of service is “paid”, not voluntary, as this effort should be well remunerated. I am going to list those “senior” teachers that will be ready to help beginners.

My biggest asset is not my knowledge, but my network. I am planning to appoint my successor in the coming years to pass on my network and my website as a platform of the community for him / her to enable the community to stand on its own and to grow further.

■ Anybody, who is interested in or is encouraged to join, please contact me from here.Currently, nothing concrete is decided, but I will list you as a potential partner for the future.

22, October, 2019

Any comments, suggestions are highly welcome !