Request for your solidarity with an independent journalist

Solidarity with an independent journalist

Dear readers

I am writing this article for your understanding and requesting to support an independent journalist, Nessan Cleary.

As you are well aware of, the negative impact of COVID-19 is not given only to the tourism, airline service or restaurant & bar business, but also to the publishing and consequently printing, where most of the readers of this article should be more or less involved in.

And the journalism, that provides the contents of publishing and printing is not a happy exception. The articles of the industry magazine are provided either by inhouse writers or independent journalists. As the revenue of such industry magazines is highly depending on advertisement, the publishers have to make a bitter decision to reduce the fund to be allocated to the writers of articles, because their advertisement income is shrinking.

They tend to cut the remuneration to the independent journalists to protect their own inhouse writers, as they are responsible for their employment. As a result, the total amount of the money, which has been flown into the independent journalism ( journalists ) is shrinking, which may lead to the death of free journalism not by guns and tanks, which often happens in countries with dictatorship, but by starvation.

My friend, Nessan is one of the few journalists (maybe the last one as well ?), who keep neutrality, not to be financed by manufacturers to write stealth marketing articles or outright advertisement of their products. Do imagine the world, where the published articles are full of marketing and advertisement articles ? What the difference between them and propaganda papers in certain dictatorship countries ?

Therefore, I do appreciate the free journalism ( journalists ) and will support as much as I could. Now, I would kindly ask your understanding and express your solidarity with Nessan. Please visit to find a small modest yellow button for donation.

Again, I appreciate your support !

Aki Ohno