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We are planing to update a monochrome or full color printing solution and product information from 1st June till 31st July 2020. Don’t miss out on our latest news!
No.9:This week’s update week 31_EN

No.8:This week’s update week 30_EN
No.7:This week’s update week 29_EN
No.6:This week’s update week 28_EN
No.5:This week’s update week 27_EN
No.4:This week’s update week 26_EN
No.3:This week’s update week 25_EN
No.2:This week’s update week 24_EN
No.1:This week’s update week 23_EN

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Schedule as follows :
Week 23 : Stream Jet products & system integration
Week 24 : Stream Jet software
Week 25 : Stream Jet printing solution (Business Forms)
Week 26 : Stream Jet printing solution (Label)
Week 27 : Stream Jet printing solution (Packaging)
Week 28 : Stream Jet printing solution (Direct Mail, Card)
Week 29 : Color Stream Jet printing solution (Book-on-demand Printing)
Week 30 : Stream Jet printing solution (Printable Electronics, Security Printing)
Week 31 : i-Focus Inspection system
Remarks : These contents are subject to change without notice.
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Welcome to CTC Japan’s virtual booth!
We propose a strategic alliance with companies involved in digital printing to respond to changes such as high-mix low-volume and print-on-demand that are expected to accelerate after COVID-19.

With our inkjet printer “Stream Jet” at the core, we would like to promote system integration that responds to customer needs and a wide range of applications by collaborating with various partners.

About us

CTC Japan is a leading company for industrial inkjet printing systems that we have developed based on our long with experience in the variable data printing business and high technologies that we have cultivated in the business form printing industry for years.

CTC Japan’s inkjet printing system “Stream Jet” incorporates a variety of functions, operability and other features that are required from the perspectives of printing companies.
We provide intelligent inkjet printing systems that meet customer needs.

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