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Aqueous Metallic Ink : Printed with Desktop Printer

Amazing metallic effect ! Was aqueous metallic print ever so easy ?
By the way, the Japanese characters being printed mean “Paprika” 🙂

Antibacterial pigment CuSn

The movie below shows as if a printer was printing regular metallic ink, but the secret is “CuSn based Antibacterial ink” is being printed ! Check out the data sheet from the link below !

0707 new Arrival ! Color Variation of Indium Leafpowder

Now you have color variation for metallic Leafpowder. he title of image above is “Gold finger of 007” 🙂
↓↓ Click to start Slideshow. The last photo shows “pearl effect”

First, Watch this movie !
New!(Upload on 2020.06.20): At first “Indium ink”, followed by “Aluminium ink”. Comparing Specularity with colorful Paprikas ! Amazing 🙂

LeafPowder™ for Inkjet Ink 'Indium : Overwhelming Specularity & Water resistance

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Futher Applications ...Pearl Effect, Electro-Magnetic Shield, Antibacteril ...

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