SwissQ:オレンジ色に変わります SwissQ turns to orange

SwissQprintは、UV LEDワイドフォーマットプリンターに新しいオレンジインクを、カリブロール紙プリンターにバーニッシュを導入しました。
SwissQprint has introduced a new orange ink for its UV LED wide format printers, as well as a varnish for its Karibu rollfed printer.

SwissQprint has introduced a new orange UV LED ink, similar to Pantone 021.
SwissQprintは、Pantone 021と同様の新しいオレンジ色の UV LEDインクを導入しました。

新しいオレンジは、現世代のプリンター用に設計された、SwissQの最新の LEDインクセットで利用できる最初のスポットカラーです。プロセスカラーと組み合わせて色域を拡張したり、スポットカラーとして直接使用したりできます。SwissQは、より明るい種類のオレンジの需要が高まっていると述べています。色の値は基本的に、鮮やかなオレンジの Pantone 021と同じです。
The new orange is the first spot colour available for SwissQ’s latest LED ink sets, designed for the current generation of printers. It can be used in combination with process colours to extend the colour gamut or directly as a spot colour, with SwissQ saying that it has seen a growing demand for a brighter kind of orange. It’s colour values are essentially the same as Pantone 021, a fresh, bright orange.

The new varnish is specifically for the rollfed Karibu since Swiss Q’s existing varnish was designed for its flatbeds and is not flexible enough for the range of flexible media used in rollfed printing.

The varnish can be used to create visual and tactile effects that accentuate patterns on, for example, wallpaper, or to produce elegant lacquer lettering on dark roll media. The varnish can also be used as an alternative to laminating to provide surface gloss and an easy means of sealing. A varnish coating overprinted on process inks makes the ink layer more resistant to water and solvents, which is useful for those prints that see regular cleaning as well as improving abrasion and scuff resistance.

Technically, it is possible to re-configure an existing channel to accept either of these new inks. However, SwissQ recommends adding a new channel, with most of its printers having space to add several additional channels.

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