InPrint 2022 @ミュンヘン Nessanの写真速報(1)3月15日(火)

Hi Aki,
I finally made it to Germany after two years! Here’s the first couple of pictures.
2年越しでやっとドイツに行けました! 最初の数枚の写真です。

Munich feels quite busy, much as it did before the pandemic with many people out and about. However, there are also plenty of Ukrainian flags on display, hardly surprising given the war that is happening on the eastern edge of Europe, not so far from here.

InPrint is co-located with two packaging shows – ICE and CCE. Everyone has to show proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter the show, and once inside, everyone also wears a mask.

Xaar has the biggest stand at the show. CEO John Mills told me: “The reason why we are here is that we get people who really want to put some digital print in their production line and don’t know where to start. And I think that InPrint is a good place to start.”
Xaarは、今回の展示会で最も大きなブースを構えています。CEOのJohn Mills氏は私にこう言いました。「私たちがここにいる理由は、生産ラインにデジタル印刷を導入したいが、どこから始めればいいのかわからないという人たちに来てもらうためです。InPrintは、そのスタート地点として良い場所だと思います。

I talked with Debbie Thorp, business development director for Global Inkjet Solutions who says that face to face meetings allow for much deeper conversations than virtual meetings. GIS has updated its Atlas workflow software to make it more modular. The company is also having some success with direct to shape inkjet printing, particularly in the automotive sector.
グローバルインクジェットソリューションズのビジネス開発ディレクターであるデビー・ソープに話を聞いたところ、対面での会議の方がバーチャルな会議よりもずっと深い話ができるそうです。GISでは、ワークフローソフトウェアのAtlasを更新し、よりモジュール化されたものにしました。また、同社は、特に自動車産業において、DTP(Direct to Shape)インクジェット印刷で成功を収めています。

Xerox also had a stand to highlight its M-series and W-series printheads. Xerox will be launching an 80Khz version of its W-series heads later this year, which should be available either end of 2022 or early 2023 and will be able to run at close to 100mpm at 1200 dpi – up from 70mpm at 1200 dpi with the current 64Khz versions.