The possibilities of light

Video: Ushio UV-LED for printing - UniJet series -

● Ushio will keep providing solutions such as UV LED devices, UV LED module equipment, and halogen heater lamp for IR drying for various printing market where the higher requirements are demanded as an innovation company of the light since 1964,
● Especially, UV-LED for printing, “UniJet series” will provide you with the highest performance on the intensity and dosage, which allow the curing of the conventional UV ink. “UniJet series” will be the ideal UV light source to replace the UV lamp.
● Ushio is pleasure to make the best proposal from the combination of the intensity, wavelength, intensity profile, and so forth for the UV lamp retrofit by UV LED as Ushio is the specialist of the light source.

Webinar Schedule
Scheduled in November 11, 18, and 26, 2020 (only in Japanese)
New Product Announcement (1) iIII series where the highest level of UV intensity and dosage can be provided in the printing industry

UV Master Peak inside: Achieved 17W/cm2 or more at the working distance of actual use at 5mm(385、395nm)
UV Master Dose inside: 40% more increase than the existing product (iII series)
UV Master Flat inside: Less than 20% intensity decrease upto 15mm of working distance
** Please contact Ushio for more details.

New Product Announcement (2) UV LED air cooling compact E series GEN2

● UniJet E series that is best for inkjet and 3D printing has been reborn as “GEN2”.
● Achieved scalability where any multiple connection is possible and more even intensity for the junction area.
● Achieved higher degree of freedom for the installation by the compactness and light weight.
● Achieved 20% more intensity than the previous model.
● Selectable two way of irradiation pattern: HD Type (Higher dosage) and HC (Higher intensity)
** Please contact Ushio for more details

New Product Announcement (3) UV Halogen Lamps

Halogen heater is the one that Ushio developed first in Japan, which is being used for multifunction printer, LBP, and inkjet printer, and will keep evolving year after year.

● Faster warm-up: Reach 160 degrees Celsius on the heat roller surface within 9 to 11 seconds after lighting (in case of halogen heater lighting inside a heat roller of the printer with a condition of 100V, 600W, single heater lamp and aluminum heat roller with phi 30mm)
● Compact: Control the heat around the edge. Various design possible to customer needs.
● Black coating: Shifted to far-IR and minimize the drying unevenness by color difference.
● Halogen heater with reflector unit: Provide efficient energy radiation to one direction.
** Please contact Ushio for more details.



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