Key Messages

A Marvelous Effects! We provide you the magical effect technology with light through online !
TrickPrint Series
An innovative inkjet print through the fusion of “magic” and “print”
This is print technologies to give printed items to cause people the feeling pf “surprise”,”emotion”,”excitement” or”wonder” to see a magic by a professional magician !

Trick Print : Explaining how it works ! ( Japanese with English subtitle )
Flash Print

You could get the different image by taking a photo with flash !
↓↓ Click to confirm “with / without Flash”

Relight Print

↓↓ Left without the back light, Right with the back light.

Company Introduction and Contact

Founded in April, 2002. Started being involved in the inkjet technology since 2009 to expand various application of “TRICK PRINT”. We are proud to be a venture with strong technology to develop specialty printing items.

We offer our service worldwide. To print “TRICK PRINT”, you could procure the print media locally, you could use your printer as its is, so that you could start quite easily by forgetting the initial capital investment. Start today to print the sample data to check the quality ! Contact us from the “request for information” below.

Request for information from here !
TRICK PRINT Special site
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