OIJC:Ohno Inkjet Consulting

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Akiyoshi Ohno:Ohno Inkjet Consulting(OIJC)Principal
Born in June, 1953 in Ehime, Japan, grown up in Osaka area. Graduated from Tokyo University, engineering faculty, applied chemistry. In 1977 joined Konishiroku Photo Industries, Co, Ltd ( now KonicaMinolta ). Worked for cooperate planning department and office products division for 20 years, including 3 times total 11 years’ stay in Germany ( Hamburg and Lueneburg )

Since 1999 in charge of the industrial inkjet as a division director, involved in IJ head, textile printer and various industrial inkjet application. Since 2011 appointed as an executive officer of KonicaMinolta.
Since March 2016, working for inkjet industry as an independent consultant.Speaks 4 languages, English, German, Japanese and Osaka dialect 😊

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