Landa:Altana が1億ユーロを投資


表面保護とリファイン用途の特殊化学品を開発しているAltanaは、Landa Digital Printingにエクイティファイナンス契約の形で1億3500万ドル(約100百万ユーロ)を投資し、同社の少数株を保有することになりました。これにはLanda LabsやLanda Venturesなど、Landaグループの他の部署は含まれません。
Altana, which develops speciality chemicals for surface protection and refinement, has invested $135 million, or around €100m, in Landa Digital Printing in the form of an equity financing agreement, giving it a minority stake in the company. This does not include other units of the Landa Group,such as Landa Labs and Landa Ventures.

According to Landa, The proceeds will be used for completing the development of Nanography, Landa’s water-based digital printing process, including engineering and production ramp-up of Landa Nanographic Printing™ Presses and building of manufacturing plants for Landa NanoInk™ colorants.
Landaによれば、資金はLanda Nanographic Printing™プレスのエンジニアリングと生産の立ち上げやLanda NanoInk™着色剤の製造工場の建設を含むLandaの水ベースのデジタル印刷プロセスのNanographyの開発を完了するために使用されます。

My guess, and it is no more than a guess, would be that this relates to the heated transfer belt that is key to the Nanography process. Essentially, the ink is dropped onto the belt, which then evaporates the water away, before transferring the ink to the media. It’s tricky because the belt has to be sticky enough to hold the ink, but not enough to prevent the ink from bonding with the substrate. Naturally, all the ink has to be passed to the media, as any residual ink will affect the next image, which you might get away with in a run of similar images, but not if you expect every image to be different, as is often the case with digital printing.

The Altana Group has four divisions: BYK Additives & Instruments, Eckart Effect Pigments, Elantas Electrical Insulation, and Actega Coatings & Sealants. Though based in Wesel, Germany, about 85 percent of its sales come through international activities, with some 46 production facilities and more than 50 service and research laboratories worldwide.
アルタナグループには BYK Additives & Instruments, Eckart Effect Pigments、Elantas Electrical Insulation、Actega Coatings&Sealantsの4つの部門があります。ドイツのヴェーゼルに拠点を置いていますが、売上高の約85%は海外売上げで、全世界に約46の生産施設と50以上のサービス拠点と研究所があります。


Altana invests €100m in Landa