Since Adobe released PostScript in 1985, Adobe’s RIP (Raster Image Processor) products have been used by many printer manufacturers. In this page, we’ll introduce Adobe’s two flagship RIP products and those benefits.

Benefits of Adobe RIP

Reliable printing & proofing with Adobe Print Engines

Adobe Print Engines uses the same core technology built into Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe Acrobat DC. Using Adobe technology at every stage in the job workflow ensures that graphics displayed on-screen match the final printed output. Adobe Print Engines are built into office printers and prepress systems sold by industry leading manufacturers, and drive every class of printer:

Equip your printers with the next-generation RIP that natively processes PDF and PostScript files for faster and more reliable printing.

Adobe PDF Print Engine ( APPE )

You build your jobs using Creative Cloud, so be sure that they are output with the same Adobe technology. If your commercial printer drives their prepress workflow with Adobe PDF Print Engine, then your design will print as expected, exactly as it appeared in Adobe Acrobat DC. This will reduce changes, accelerate the job time, and ensure reliable results.

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Adobe PDF Print Engine

Adobe Embedded Print Engine ( AEPE )

As PDF printing rapidly gains traction and PostScript printing continues to be popular, Adobe has introduced Adobe Embedded Print Engine (AEPE)—the next-generation print RIP—which can natively process both PostScript and PDF files and can be tailored to the available hardware effortlessly.

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Adobe Embedded Print Engine

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