Leading digital inkjet printer manufacturer of Korea, DGI


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DGI is a leading company of digital inkjet printer manufacturer of Korea, hearted with challenging and innovation. DGI have developed drafting machine, pen plotter, cutting plotter, digital inkjet printer to digital textile printer with own technology innovation.

DGI have been awarded the IR52 Jang Young-Sil award(Technology innovation award given by government of Korea) for three times as well as being designated as a world-class product in recognition of this technology. Even though we are a medium-sized company, it has been competing in the global market for 20 years with its own brand and exporting to more than 50 different countries

DGI is working in all effort to for our motto, “answer is at customer site” and “quality management”, which are our commitment to the customers to provide best product in perfect quality.

World leading inkjet printer brand DGI

DGI will not rely on presence. DGI will always prepare for a new take-off to provide ultimate value and vision to customers and stock holders. DGI hope to be proud to return all the support to our valuable customers and stock holders by transparent and honest management and growth with our employees.

CEO of Digital Graphics Incorporation

Bryan Choi

(82)-(31) 820 – 8900