Industrial Printing

“ New product DTG printer RICOH Ri 2000 “
Fast. Easy. Built for Business. Bring your DTG business to the next level. The RICOH Ri 2000 delivers exceptionally fast print speeds, simplified maintenance, and convenient ease of use.

Event exhibition :

OCT. 15 – 30, 2020
– Ricoh DTG, Software, ColorGATE Software solution, Thread coloring  for embroidery
– Live demonstration of new product: Ricoh Ri 2000.  Visit us!

OCT. 26 – NOV. 12, 2020
( Apparel(Direct-to-Garment) Insight Days : NOV. 9 )
– Ricoh DTG Product Showcase in digital
– Special show of new DTG printer RICOH Ri 20000 (NOV. 9)

“ Inkjet head : RICOH TH5241 “

Ricoh’s 1st thin film piezo printhead, enabling high definition printing in a wide range of applications by compact package, ink compatibility and jetting stability.

“ Inkjet head : RICOH MH5320/5340 “
In addition to high durability by stainless steel housing, ink compatibility are enhanced. This Inkjet head is use for various application by high definition and high productivity.

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