Japan Inkjet Technology Fair 2022 : Floor Plan CL

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Global Graphics Softwareは、印刷に関わるソフトウエアを開発している英国企業で、Hybrid Software Group傘下の企業です。 その他グループ企業には、Meteor Inkjet、Hybrid Software、Xitron、ColorLogicがあります。グローバルグラフィックス株式会社は、日本の企業にグループ企業の技術を紹介し、ライセンスし、技術サポートを提供しております。グループ企業は、それぞれの分野におけるエキスパートで、業界を常に先導しております。

Global Graphics Software is a British company that develops printing software and is part of the Hybrid Software Group. Other group companies include Meteor Inkjet, Hybrid Software, Xitron and ColorLogic. Global Graphics KK introduces the technology of group companies to Japanese companies, licenses them, and provides technical support. Our group companies are experts in their respective fields and always lead the industry.

21日 TRACK_A 10:00

Our pumps are widely used not only in inkjet printers but also in medical equipment. In addition to the quality and performance of our pumps, our greatest strength is our ability to make proposals. We are able to respond to any request based on our unique know-how and worldwide experience. Inkjet technology is no longer limited to printing. The possibilities for various applications are expanding. When you want to make something that is not bound by existing frameworks, there may be no pump that satisfies your requirements. KNF is challenging every day to support you in such cases.

Memjet、EFI NOZOMI、Landa Digital… and SealVector アップデート
DIG JAPAN(デジタルイメージング ジャパン)では、日本に製品担当者のいない、あるいは日本法人を持たない海外インクジェット機器メーカーの日本市場導入を支援しています。

Konica Minolta’s strength lies in its ‘trinity’ approach, which encompasses the development, production and sales of heads, inks and printers, all handled by the company itself. In this exhibition, we will introduce a head that enables high-quality printing even with a wide media gap, which has been commercialised using our advanced precision processing technology, and a water-based fixing ink for a wide range of media, which has been developed using our unique chemical technology.


Inkjet technology has gone beyond the field of printers and is being researched and developed in various sectors such as electronic devices and life sciences, but there are still many challenges in putting it to practical use. Our company specializes in the industrial application field, and has accumulated know-how on how to proceed with development and stable discharge of special liquid materials while providing development support for many cases in 25 years. This time, in addition to exhibiting the commercialized inkjet type single cell dispenser, we will introduce tools for accelerating research and development and new technical services that can solve the problems many researchers have in the field in a timely manner.