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私たちは、多様なアプリケーションに対応する特殊なインクジェットシステムの統合を専門とする専門家チームです。私たちの使命は、お客様が卓越した技術革新を遂げ、画期的な製品をタイムリーに市場に送り出すお手伝いをすることです。 世界中の様々な市場をリードするOEM企業との長年の取引経験に裏打ちされた当社のスタッフは、フロントエンドのイノベーションから製品の納品まで、ビジネスのあらゆる面を完全にサポートすることができ、そのすべてがGenix Corporationの特徴である最高水準の性能を備えています。
We are a team of dedicated professionals specialized in specialty inkjet system integration over a diverse array of applications. Our mission is to help clients excel and innovate, and to culminate in bringing breakthrough products to market on a timely basis. Backed by many years of experience in working with various market leading OEM companies around the world, our staff is fully capable of supporting all facets of the business – from front-end innovation to the delivery of products – all of which meet the highest standards of performance that is the hallmark of Genix Corporation.

We are a well-known manufacturer of industrial inkjet printers and providing marking solutions with matching print heads and inks. Our in-house development enables us to meet customer needs. Our desktop-printers for laboratory use have been developed through collaborative research with renowned universities and research institutes. We are confident that our inkjet process inspires engineers around the world and make the world better.



A company that develops humorous housing from a unique viewpoint

MAKE. JET creates the future of inkjet printers with our creativity.
We are capable of low-cost development and small-lot commercialization only possible through domestic development and production.In this issue, we will introduce our company and our originally developed exhibit, “Repair Printer.

11月22日 TRACK_B 13:40
また、現在の非常に速いスピードでの開発に合わせて、弊社分散剤の組成を開示しながらお客様と一緒に開発することとしました。弊社分散剤とその開発の取り組みについて説明させていただきます。JETIC develops everything from materials to inks with the keywords synthesis, dispersion and inkjet. In particular, for pigment inks in inkjet inks, we focus on the development of dispersants that combine the dispersion function with the required performance of the ink.
In line with the current extremely fast pace of development, we have also decided to develop our dispersants together with our customers, disclosing the composition of our dispersants. We would like to explain our dispersants and our approach to their development.