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From 28 May to 7 June 2024, the international print industry will once again meet at drupa, the world’s leading trade show for printing technology. drupa stands for inspiration, innovation, the first-class knowledge-transfer, and intense networking. drupa is where top international decision makers meet and discuss the latest technological trends and groundbreaking developments. How do the megatrends of sustainability and digitization influence processes, products, business models, and the future of the industry? At drupa in Düsseldorf, you will find out how the printing and packaging community is shaping the future.


TOSHIBA TEC’s inkjet print heads are designed for industrial applications with high print quality. We introduce “CF3” Inkjet printhead which realizes advanced stability in ink jetting and low environmental burden, Compact and light-bodied “CC1” ink recirculation system with small quantity of fluids, and the “fine tuning function for adjusting jetting volume of selected nozzles by digital data” helps reduce drop volume variation.

Adobe PDF Print Engine Version 6 の概要

今年6月にリリースされたAdobe PDF Print Engine Version 6は、パッケージ・ラベル、テキスタイル印刷向けに新たな機能が追加されています。これらをわかりやすくご説明いたします!

Adobe PDF Print Engine 6, which is released in June 2022, has new features which strongly emphasize package, label, textile printing. In this session, we’ll introduce those new features very simply.


The Inkjet Development Center is Japan’s only open innovation center for inkjet technology. The center promotes industry-academia collaboration to address various inkjet-related issues, including molecular design and synthesis of materials, ink formulation, optimization of printheads, inks, and driving methods, and analysis and evaluation of inkjet processes. In addition, the center is working to create innovations to solve social issues and achieve organizational goals through cutting-edge digital manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing and WHOLEGARMENT®

富士フイルムは、インクジェットのコア技術、ヘッド、インク、これらを最適に使いこなす画像処理技術をすべて保有する数少ない企業です。当社は、これらコンポーネントを製品として提供することに加えて、お客様の製造ラインに組み込み可能なインクジェットシステムをカスタマイズして提供するサービス「富士フイルム インテグレーテッド インクジェット ソリューションズ(FIIS)」を提供しています。今回は、我々の幅広いラインナップからピックアップしてご紹介します。

FUJIFILM is  one of the few companies which possess all of the inkjet core technologies, print heads, ink, and image processing technology which combine these. We provide these components as products, also provide a service “Fujifilm Integrated Inkjet Solutions (FIIS)”, which provides customized inkjet systems that can be incorporated into the customer’s production line. We pick up and introduce from our wide lineup at our booth.