Japan Inkjet Virtual Messe 2020


Due to Covid-19, almost all of the important events in the digital printing industry, such as FESPA or DRUPA have been forced to postpone or cancel, at least for this year. Consequently, vendors that have been developing new products and / or technologies have lost the opportunity to announce them with all the fanfare normally generated by a large international event. Even more important, people have lost the chance to meet with potential customers or dealers and to provide a live demo for them to understand the products and technology, due to the lockdowns enforced by many governments around the world. And we still do not know when we will be able to resume the marketing and sales activities as before.

The only realistic solution in this lock down period is to turn to Web-based communication, including ‘Online Exhibition’, webinars or online meetings to maintain the presence of each company and prepare for the day when normal marketing and sales activities can resume. Actually, some companies are quite good at using those tools, while many others are still trying. In particular, many Japanese companies do not seem ready to use those tools. In general, they are not quick enough to change their own websites to optimize for web marketing.

So, now I have decided to offer my resources through OIJC ( Ohno Inkjet Consulting ), including my website, mailing list, human network with 3,000+ connection in LinkedIn and personal relation with many key persons in the digital printing industry. I am going to hold “Japan Inkjet Virtual Messe 2020 (JIVM2020)”, an Online Exhibition as a gateway for Japanese companies to communicate with overseas digital printing communities in addition to their existing channels, and for overseas companies to establish and / or improve their presence in Japanese digital printing community.


Why : To offer an opportunity for the companies to keep and improve their presence during Covid-19 lockdown period
What : Japan Inkjet Virtual Messe 2020, an Online Exhibition, webinars. online demos, news releases
When : An intensive promotion period throughout June 2020, when DRUPA would originally have been held, and then an ongoing presence throughout the year.

Who : Open for the companies listed here that joined JIBC2020 ( OIJC Community ). Ask me how how to join, if you were not included.
Where : On OIJC website ( in this website )

How :
1. OIJC to create one page for one company ( the participant ) in OIJC website.
2. The participant could bring any items to announce, such as video clips, photos, news release or others.
3. OIJC to organize a webinar for and online press conference or an online demonstration ( optional )
4. OIJC to maximize the exposure of the page through its network, LinkedIn and media partners, and high quality articles by Nessan Cleary.

Ask any question from here.