【Pre Notice】Organising an exhibition and conference for suppliers

Organising an exhibition and conference for suppliers

The exit from the COVID-19 is not easy to see, and most recently there has been talk of a seventh wave or XE variant. Meanwhile, real exhibitions and conferences are gradually returning to Europe, with IPI (Industrial Print Integration) in Düsseldorf, FESPA in Berlin and PRINT4ALL in Milan due to take place in May. In the UK, all regulations, including masks, have been abolished, and in EU countries regulations have been significantly relaxed. It seems that we are no longer at the stage of national control, but have shifted to a stance of leaving it up to individuals to protect themselves.

In Japan, too, measures to prevent the spread of the disease have been abolished and do not appear to be in the process of being reintroduced. Under these circumstances, OIJC is restarting the planning of the Suppliers’ Forum as a concrete form of community building and exchange among people involved in inkjet, which has been a longstanding concept of ours. Preparations will start now and the timing is envisaged for the second half of this year (somewhere between July and December for about two days).

a tube manufacturer HAKKO’s table at JIBC 2020

This is not an exhibition of printers, but an ‘exhibition and conference of suppliers of materials and technology to develop printers’. In Europe, the above-mentioned IPI, IMI and, although defunct, the former TheIJC fulfil this function and contribute to the revitalisation of the inkjet industry as a whole by forming an industry community and promoting interaction between members. It has long been a dream of mine to realise this in Japan.

Exhibitors and participants will include head manufacturers, ink manufacturers, related material and component manufacturers, integrators, academia, consultants, publishers, press and industry associations from Japan and abroad, while visitors will include printer manufacturers, potential users and anyone else with an interest in inkjet.

The image is an enlarged version of a table-top presentation by suppliers at the Japan Inkjet Business Conference (JIBC) in January 2020. At that time, OIJC were only able to set up 16 tables due to space constraints, but this time we would like to at least double that number to 30, and if possible, 50 tables, to cover a wider range of inkjet suppliers. We will also have a conference rooms to provide companies with the opportunity to present at the same time as the tables. The most important networking reception will be flexible, depending on the situation at COVID-19.

Exhibitors do not have to be OIJC community member companies to exhibit, but we will offer preferential rates to member companies. This article will be updated from time to time.

↓↓ Supplier table-top presentation venue at the JIBC in January 2020: click for slideshow