The Quarterly Talk with Nessan Cleary : ネッサンとの四半期トーク

Nessan’s favourite pub “The Star” in Bishop’s Stortford






This is the annual Quarterly Talk with Nessan. The war in Ukraine has finally entered its second year, but instead of ending, it looks like a long war. Both sides appear to be in a difficult situation, but there is no denying that Russia is in limbo, and even if the war is somehow settled, it is difficult to envision where Russia will stand after the war. Meanwhile, the West also has a shaky financial system and its future is not clear. The only bright spot is that the future of the Korona is becoming clearer?

We would like to update and discuss the latest situation in this area. From the Japanese side, in addition to Ohno, we have asked Mr Kamei from PODi Japan to join us as a regular guest. Please feel free to join us as if you were chatting in a pub.

Click here for the participation link (it’s a free open webinar).

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