Japan Inkjet Technology Fair 2022 : 21 + 22 November in Tokyo

A concept that has been on the drawing board for many years is finally taking shape. The event is for everyone who is or will be involved in any way with industrial inkjet.

The event was due to take place in 2020, but the Corona disaster delayed it by a full two years. During that time, the advantages and limitations of online inkjet have become apparent, and we are keenly aware of the need for an event where we can all come together and meet face to face.

There are conferences and other events related to industrial inkjet, but there has never been a business-oriented event in Japan… so I decided to take the initiative and set one up myself.

The event is a combination of table tops, presentations in a separate room and a networking reception.

Date: Monday 21 + Tuesday 22, November 2022
Time: 21st Nov 9:00 – 17:00 + networking reception
    22nd 9:00 – 15:00
Place: TKP Ichigaya Conference Centre, 8F Main Hall (Reception in 7F Hall)

Price: $ 1,800.- for 2days, 1 table & 30 minutes presentation slot & networking reception for 2 staff

Tables will be arranged for the tabletop presentation.

Address : 8-8 Ichigaya-Hachiman-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0844, Japan


1. the exhibition covers the elements, components, inks, colour materials, software, integrators, consultants and related services that make up industrial inkjet. General-purpose printers are excluded, but special printers and equipment will be included.
2. exhibitors will be provided with one table, a 30-minute presentation slot and two people to attend the reception
3. 40 tables are planned.The early bird discount will be applied until Wednesday, 31 August.


1. open to all those with some involvement or interest in industrial inkjet.
2. especially those who would like to change or discuss their current manufacturing (printing) processes with inkjet are welcome.
3. people/experienced persons/companies who can be commissioned to develop/integrate such equipment are also welcome.
4. the networking reception is scheduled for Monday, 21 November, from 17:30.
5. The number of people at the reception is expected to be around 200. If the number is likely to exceed this, a second venue will be set up on the same floor.

[Questions / Applications]

Send me email for any questions and / or applications

[Confirmed Exhibitors and Sponsors as of 15.August 2022]


[January 2020 : Japan Inkjet Business Conference ]

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↓↓ The Networking Reception JIBC 2020

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