The Quarterly Talk with Nessan Cleary : ネッサンとの四半期トーク

Nessan’s favourite pub “The Star” in Bishop’s Stortford





This is the invitation for “Quarterly Talk with Nessan”.

The war in Ukraine, which we talked about at the end of March, still has no clear future, energy and electricity shortages, inflation hitting, the rapid depreciation of the yen… The environment surrounding business is becoming increasingly uncertain. Meanwhile, while the COVID-19 has not completely subsided in Europe and the US, large-scale exhibitions are back, as are other events and the food and beverage industry.

We would like to have a discussion to update the latest situation in these areas and consider the differences with Japan. From the Japanese side, in addition to Ohno, we have asked Mr Kamei from PODi Japan to join us as a regular guest. Please feel free to join us as if you were chatting in a pub.

We are also looking for questions and queries from everyone. Just send us an enquiry form or an email!