【 GUIDANCE for Exhibitor 】Japan Inkjet Virtual Messe 2020 ( JIVM2020 )

Here is the guidance for joining JIVM2020. In short, it is a ‘special web venue, in addition to your official corporate website, to promote specifically your inkjet-related items.

1. PERIOD : 1st JUNE (MON) – 31th JULY (FRI) as originally DRUPA was scheduled in June
2. PREPARATION : Whole of May
3. AFTER the PERIOD : The pages will be kept open until 31st, MARCH 2021 (WED), just like a permanent exhibition center.
4. I can be flexible, if you would prefer to announce your new product in May or later than June, as we don’t need any physical facilities. This is one of the biggest advantages of a virtual event. I could easily extend the period another week or so, as it is not more than an intensive promotion time.

1. The companies listed here already have their own booth. Those companies have contributed already to make a great success for OIJC’s JIBC2020 in January this year, in various forms including sponsorship, table top presenters, speakers or having a longterm agreement for the marketing support with OIJC. They do not need to pay extra participation fees.
2. Any companies that wish to participate please contact me from here. (Sorry that this page is in Japanese, but you can still write in English). You will get a reply from me shortly.
3. Visitors are absolutely FREE! 

1. To display your company logo in the appropriate “HALL” here.
2. Two pages will be created, one in Japanese and one in English. Each logo will be linked to the Japanese page, but visitors could switch to the English page by clicking a flag in the upper righthand corner of the page. Most of the pages are left blank, as it is the preparation period now. As for other languages, I am happy to create these with a small surcharge.
3. You could include your marketing material, such as a link to a YouTube movie, images, any documents in PDF for download, and the text you wish to write. Send them to me during May (preferably by 15th May (FRI), then I will upload them to your page.
4. This is a sample page, which will be further brushed up cosmetically.

1. In June, or possibly from the middle of May, I will promote the JIVM2020 event through various channels, including LinkedIn and some media partners. I have more than 3,000 LinkedIn friends, who will further help spread posts through their Twitter or other SMS.
2. On 1st of JUNE, I will declare the official opening of the event. I will write an introduction to the exhibitors’ pages and spread through my own mailing list with more than 3,000 addresses, LinkedIn, SMS, Twitter and media available in any form every day or even every hour throughout JUNE.

  1. If you wished to announce your new product on a specific date, I will keep confidential until the date. I will start intensive promotion only after the specified date.
  2. 4. JIVM2020 is“planned” to be closed on 30th, JUNE. But, as I have written before,I will be flexible about extending this if somebody requests it.
  3. 5. The pages shall be kept open until 31st, MARCH 2020 as a “permanent exhibition center”. Unlike a real live exhibition, it is not necessary to remove the booth physically.
  4. 6. Again, feel free to release any new information at any time. JUNE is not more than an intensive promotion campaign month.
  5. 7. Nothing has been decided yet as to what to do after APRIL 2021, but I will probably keep the permanent exhibition center. You are absolutely free to step out or to stay there.

1. I would offer the opportunity for you to hold webinars, such as an online press conference or an online seminar with Zoom, which should give you better synergy with your web exhibition.
2. If Zoom is not allowed in your company for whatever reason, feel free to use your own system. such as MS Teams, Skype or whatever. I am happy to help promoting your own webinar by setting a link from our site.
3. You could use a simultaneous translation service for webinar as an option. I am going to appoint the translation service company, which I appointed for JIBC2020 this year.

ARTICLE by Nessan Cleary
1. I will share your press kit with Mr.Nessan Cleary, a British journalist, whose focus is on printing, including digital, conventional or 3D (AM). He will honour any embargo date that you set though it is his decision as to whether he writes an article or not.
2. Please send me the press kit well in advance of the official release date, which will give time for Mr Cleary to discuss any potential articles with you. I would suggest that you send me at least one week before the official release date, preferably two weeks before, so that Mr Cleary would have time to communicate with you for clarification.

Please contact me from here.(Sorry in Japanese, but you could write in English). I will reply to you quickly.

Akiyoshi Ohno
Principal, Ohno Inkjet Consulting